Can You Live Without A Washer And Dryer In Unit?

There’s a lot of advantages that come with living in an apartment but laundry isn’t always one of them. Many apartments don’t have washers and dryers so inhabitants have to constantly lug their laundry to the closest Laundromat. We’re not saying it impossible to survive without one but should you have to? – ahh no.  Here’s why

It’s cheaper

You have to pay for each load every time you use a Laundromat. On the average, it costs between $1.25 and $1.75 per load. Dryers are different. While some may incur a flat rate with the prices anywhere between one and two dollars, others charge based on time; perhaps $0.25 for the first 15 minutes and an additional quarter for every ten minutes extra. It might sound little but when drying several items, especially heavy items like towels, the numbers add up real quick.

The cost per load is a lot cheaper with an in-unit washer and dryer. Water is part of the rent in most apartments so you don’t have to worry about that. All you really have to worry about is the cost of electricity. On the average, electricity costs about $0.12 per KWH (Kilowatt hour) and most top loader machines make use of about 0.256 KWH per load. This implies that one load would cost about $0.03 and that’s if you are using the top-loaders. The front-loaders on the other hand, use a lot less electricity (about 30-85% les). Going by this calculation, you wouldn’t spend up to a dollar on a load for in-built laundry facility unlike the Laundromats where you will have to spend about $3 per load.

Saves Time

Time is another factor that is so often overlooked when it comes to using a Laundromat. It takes time to get your cloths to the Laundry facility – time you could spend on more productive endeavors – like making money. You also have to gather things like detergent, quarters and even the laundry itself before heading out.

Add the time you spend waiting for your clothes to wash and dry and we’re going into hours. But, if you had a washer/ dryer in your apartment, you can focus on other things while the load is running. Simply put, living without an in unit washer and dryer means you spend more time getting your laundry done and laundry time is for laundry only – no multi-tasking.


In-unit loaders are more flexible and efficient. You don’t have to plan for your laundry; you simply make use of whatever free time you have. No need to add travel time or stress – you simply stuff the machine between tasks! Sorting and folding? All that can be done at your convenience – wash now, fold later.

Basically, the efficiency of the in-unit laundry reduces cost and ensures that you make the best use of your time.

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